panaromic pic of messebo

Sport and Entertaiment Participation


The aim of participating in Sports and Entertainment is to contribute on building peace full and better world by educating youth sport practiced without discrimination, which requires mutual understanding with the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play .To experience success ,team work and moment of excellence our sport and entertainment center established based on the principles mention above plays very constructive role in the development of sport in general ,specially Cycle sport in particular .Participating in sport and some other entertaining activities has been the mandatory activity of Messebo Cement Factory since the commissioning time. Right now Messebo Cement Factory holds team of Cycle and athletics on nation wise beyond the competitions made by the labor union sport teams .The annual budget is 4.5 million birr.

Cycle Team



  • 17 male and 6 women .Qualified by Ethiopian and regional Athletics federation.
  • They got a lot of medals and champion CUPS.
  • They rank first and second, but on individual bases they stood first and third.
  • More than 10 individuals from Messebo Cement Factory team joined to the national team last year and this year.