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Messebo Corporate Citizenship


MessebMessebo Cement Factory, by virtue of the mission of its corporate head quarters EFFORT, is among the ones who are playing a great role in the socio-economic development of the regional state of Tigray in particular and the nation in general. Messebo Cement Factory always strives to supply best quality cement products with fair price and is supporting the ever increasing national construction industry. As the construction industry serves as a foundation for development of a nation, Messebo Cement Factory believes that it provides the foundation for development of the nation through its products. This is how Messebo keeps its good corporate citizenship.


Messebo has Built a new school

In line with the EFFORT programs in public infrastructure and socio-economic supports, Messebo Cement Factory is participating intensely to integrate itself with the society. Before two years or so, the factory built a new school with ETB 17 million in Latchi village about 5 km away from Messebo Cement Factory towards Mekelle city.

The Factory built this secondary school with full equipment for the benefit of the community. But the community has also big responsibility in keeping up the school a modern school. You have to work hard to make the school a model. This school is communal property which the residences can use it properly. However, you have to take care of the school as your personal property. This is the place where your children are shaped and it is this place which makes your children knowledgeable so that they could help their nation in the process of socio-economic development.


Other Contrubution

  • Messebo Cement Factory  has donated 600 quintal of Cement and ETB 180,000 for learning equipment of Mariam Dahan Primary School.

  • It has donated cement ranging from 20-120 quintal to some zonal administration offices
  • It rebuilds a school at kebele three, Aider Wereda
  • For Building of Wajirat Secondary School 1850 quintal is given.
  • EdagaHamus Secondary School has been given 50 quintal of cement for refurbishment.
  • Has built full secondary school in Mekele amounting to ETB 12 million is on progress and ETB 3.5 million was allocated in the budget year of 2009-10

  • Has funded preparatory school with ETB 4.5 million and currently 1.5 million Birr is already disbursed

  • Has supported for Wajirat union of youths on bee farming with ETB 200,000
  • Has building Primary school in EndertaWereda located around Akheza with ETB 450,000
  • Has built waterwheel with ETB 750,000 in Mariam Dahan village
  • Has built water well around Wajirat with ETB 500,000
  • Has provided students at Mariam Dahan with school uniform