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The Product which you will get on papar or plastic package with strengthes and best qaulity results is PPC cement


STANDARD: ES EN 197-1-2013

Special features of PPC

1. Reduces Alkali aggregate reaction
2. Increase final compressive strength
3. Improves durability
4. Reduce cost
5. Protects steel reinforcement from corrosion
6. Lower water requirement with high fluidity
7. Increase Resistance to chloride and sulphate attack

8. Low heat of hydration suitable for use in dams and canals and all mass concreting

9. Impedes carbonation

10. Reduce creep and cracks

11. Reduces permeability and voids

12. Reduces micro cracking

13. Autogenously healing, fatigue properties
14. Reduces freeze-thaw damages
15. Self compression properties
16. Increases abrasion resistance
Precautions while transporting cement
  • Carry bags in clean vehicle which is not dustier or on earth etc. as it reduces the strength of cement.
  • Take cement bags under covered Polythene or ‘Tarpaulin’ during monsoon season. 
  • Labor should not tear bags while loading and unloading cement bags.   

Precautions while stacking/storing cement


  • Store cement in moist proof area otherwise quality of cement will be affected
  • Stack cement bags in dry, leak proof and moisture proof shed/fumes
  • Place cement bags on dry brick floors, wooden crates or planks
  • Don’t place cement bags on the earth in any case
  • Don’t make stack of bags higher than 10 bags to avoid lumps under pressure 
  • Don’t stack up cement bags with outer walls to protect it from dampness
  • Pile up cement bags from different manufacturer separately
  • Make use of cement on first come first serve basis 
  • Cover cement bags with polythene during monsoon season
  • Keep cement bags close to each other to reduce air circulation